10 Places to Visit in Chad

By | January 3, 2020

10 Places to Visit in Chad


We have identified 10 places to visit here. Here are those places…

1 Tousside
Located at the peaks of the Tibesti Mountains, Tousside is an active volcano. It is one of the highest mountains of Chad with its height of 3,315 m. Occasionally small and medium volcanic eruptions occur here. As a result of these explosions, great images were created in the region. If you fall here, visit this wonderful scenic building.

2 Tarso Toh
Tarso Toh, located north of Tousside volcano, is an active volcano with a height of 2,000 m. It has been a great tourist destination along with the Tibesti mountains. As a result of the explosions that occurred here crater lake and other formations have occurred. I recommend you to visit if your path falls.

3 Lake Chad
Lake Chad, located on the border of Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad in Central Africa, is the largest lake in the region with an area of ​​1,350 km². There are many small islands in the lake. Again, the island meets the need for irrigation of many cities or even the country. There are many tourist areas on the lake. If you fall here, this is one of the places you should visit.

4 The Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert, which borders many countries such as Chad, Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco, is the world’s largest hot desert with an area of ​​9.200.000 km² and is about 9 million years old. As we have seen from the above, most of the territory of Chad constitutes this desert. Most of the desert does not receive any rainfall for about 10 years. This creates a very scary and fascinating appearance at the same time. If you fall here, I’d say stop by this desert.

5 Chari River
Located in the country’s Ndjamena city, the Chari River is a beautiful 949-kilometer long river. You can get this taste when you come to this riverside to watch the sunset in the country. You can go to the river with your loved ones and experience a romantic atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

6 Tibesti Mountains
The Tibesti Mountains are a mountain range that stretches north of Chad to the southern part of Libya. It is 3.445 m high and astonishes those who see it. There are many animals here. It is one of the places to visit for more adventure and adrenaline lovers.

7 Ennedi Canyon
Ennedi Canyon, located in the northeast of Chad, is a hidden paradise in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Located between arid and desert soils, this canyon has many groundwater and small pools. This canyon, which meets the water needs of camels, also gives life to the desert.

8 Chad National Museum
The Chad National Museum, which is located in NjDjamena, the capital and largest city of Chad, was opened on 6 October 1962. Many works are exhibited in the museum. You can visit this museum to learn about Chad’s history and culture.

9 Zakouma National Park
Opened in 1963, Zakouma National Park is located in the Barh Signaka district of Chad’s Mongo city. There are many animal species in the park. It is home to many animal species, including elephants, lions, herds of antelopes, giraffes, buffalo and baboons. Especially suitable for safari enthusiasts. I suggest you visit.

10 Cathedral of Our Lady
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Nadjamena, the capital and largest city of Chad, or the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Turkish, was built in 1965. It was later damaged by natural disasters. It was rebuilt in 1986. The structure was restored in 2003. If your path falls here, be sure to visit. Because it has a remarkable architectural structure.

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